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  1. History of the United States Republican Party
  2. Southern Republicans rise to power in Congress
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  4. The Rise of Southern Republicans (ExLib) by Earl Black; Merle Black | eBay

Seldom do many people remember that the Solid South used to overwhelming vote Democratic. This proves that geography of a region does not matter as much as the ideologies that are abundant in that region.

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Because both party's catered to the beliefs held by many Southerners, they were able to secure their loyalties in the elections. This perhaps raises an interesting question for the future: if such a dramatic political shift can occur in one region, can it possibly happen in another? The Northeastern states tend to vote for liberal Democrats, with the exceptions of New Hampshire and Vermont.

If a ideological crisis among liberalism were to occur, could a political shift occur in New England?

Though conservatives remain in the minority, there is still a large amount of support for conservative policies. So long as workers had access to resources and education, they would produce more than they would consume, and thus would support shopkeepers and small businessmen in the middle of the economic ladder.

History of the United States Republican Party

Those people, in turn, would support industrialists and financiers at the top, who would then hire people who were just starting out. We shall never get out of business in this world. During the Civil War, Republicans followed through on this vision. They created an active government that provided homes and education for poor men, protected all national industries, and eventually legally freed Southern slaves.

Southern Republicans rise to power in Congress

Under this new system, the nation thrived. Republicans turned against organized workers and abandoned the idea of promoting equality at the bottom of the economic scale.

The majority of Americans were left sweating in factories and fields, living in poverty or on the brink of it. Democratic voters argued that rather than favoring industrial barons, congressmen should keep the economic playing field level by protecting workers and farmers. But Republicans who had once championed hardworking Americans retorted that favoring any special interests would destroy the very economic harmony on which an expanding economy depended. Protecting business, they argued, protected everyone. The political tide began to turn in when Republican party operatives nominated James G.

See a Problem?

Blaine for president, who was popularly believed to be in the pocket of railroad corporations. Blaine lost to his Democratic opponent, Grover Cleveland, who called for government to curb its pro-business extremism and protect the opportunity of all men to rise. They knew full well that increasing immigration, industrialization, and urbanization meant they would never again attract a majority of voters.

It would be only a question of time until Democrats gained the power to readjust the economic policies of the country. Convinced that they alone understood how to govern, Republican leaders launched a war on the Democrats. They charged Cleveland with stealing the election, and in , they drummed businessmen to funnel money into the Republican war chest. Republicans also took the House and Senate for the first time since Neither Republicans nor Democrats enjoy majority status among the Southern electorate.

The Rise of Southern Republicans (ExLib) by Earl Black; Merle Black | eBay

The Blacks, known as Merle-and-Earl to the reporters who regularly seek their guidance, are traditional political scientists, with Earl serving as the Herbert S. Autrey professor of political science at Rice and Merle as the Asa G. Candler professor of politics and government at Emory. And so it is perhaps no surprise that their chart-laden book focuses more on statistics than on either the historic or dramatic narrative of the Republican rise. There are few personalities here, which makes for dry reading.

And though clean and clear, the writing is unnecessarily repetitive. Accounts of particular races, moreover, are too often left to the journalism of the day rather than to fresh interviews with key participants. The book's originality lies in the Blacks' statistical work, even if their charts often illustrate points that the reader feels he already knows.

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  8. Frequently, those points have to do with race, which remains a defining element of Southern politics.