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But it is a tremendous amount of obligations and accountability on her which makes her feel; she would rather not have access to this spirit world and powers.

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Now she is typically the most popular girl in the town, as a variety of vampires, mages and fey trying to persuade pressure or attract her and her magical powers over to their side. But a particular master vampire did not request what Cassie desired before placing a lay claim on her. So long as Cassie and a particular master vampire, the sizzling hot named Mircea are falling for each other, her lifetime should never be her own. The only thing which can break their unity is to spell a slogan by having an incantation based in the Codex Merlini, a historical grimoire. But Cassie quickly becomes aware that the Codex is lost for a purpose.

The novel is rumored to include some critically harmful spells, and rescuing it might help Cassie to cope with Mircea, but it may also jeopardize the world.

The Vampire Senate does help Cassie in her own position; however their protection includes a price which is a connection with the attractive master vampire Mircea, who stated Cassie as his very own. Cassandra Palmer conquered a god very lately, which we would all believe would purchase off a girl some time.


Embrace The Night (cassandra Palmer Series, Book 3): By Karen Chance | eBay

Cassie becomes busier than ever before, learning about her strength, successfully navigating her forthcoming coronation, and determining her connection with the enigmatic attractive master vampire who is named as Mircea. Tempt the Stars Book 6. Being a goddess will be a lot less fun than we may imagine and think. So when Cassie realizes that she has used just her powers which are not so dependable to burglarize the booby stuck office of a vampire mob-boss, sure, that was a painful part for her. But that is only the tip of an iceberg for Cassandra Palmer aka the Pythia, the newly fixed chief of the super natural world.

In the end, Cassie continues to save a buddy from a destiny even worse than passing away and cope up with an far more controlling master vampire and stop a party of her very own acolytes from unleashing bad weather of fury on the super natural world.

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Each and every book in this series has brought remarkably beneficial critiques and testimonials especially for the last book release, Hunt the Moon, which has obtained 4. The progression hesitant heroine Cassie undertakes a position as she actually starts to take hold of her power which at last becomes a roller coaster ride and the series is having loads of more adventures. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below.

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Fury’s Kiss (Dorina Basarab #3) Audiobooks #2 / Karen Chance

The guy is a master! More Details. View Results. Cassandra Palmer Books In Order. Because there is way more going on here then I could put down. All of the characters new and old are soooo cool. Strange politics! It's so fun seeing the twists on historical figures that we love, or hate. Oh, and the gargoyles—tee-hee—there are not enough words to express how much I love them!

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And-and-and, I could keep on gushing! Pritkin has turned into a much more tolerable character as the book goes along and I don't want him to die. He gets interesting. Which is great considering how annoying he was in the first book.

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Mircea and Cassie's time line tango is so hot, and just plain cool. It's going to be a treat to watch their relationship crash-clash-unite, and develop their relationship. Thomas also gets some redemption, but what I like is that he's not a white knight. And I can't say he's horribly bright. He is what he is, and Cassie—and readers—truly don't know him. Which makes it all the more fascinating.

Review – Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

The dark side of the Cassandra Palmer universe is definitely here. Now, I'm not saying the last book was sunshine and roses. But this brings the fear and the horrors of all factions. This is a world where everything is a power play and if I was in it I'd like to be one of those silly humans on the side lines with no clue. OK, after I had my way with some of the characters.

Despite that there's a perfect balance with the humor and character banter that makes the darkness wonderful. At this point Claimed by Shadow will let you know whether this series is for you.

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It's all polished up and shiny! Which, as said before, only gets better. These books are not ones that you can skim or just kind of pay attention to.

A Cassie Palmer Novel Volume 4

They need your full attention because there are plenty of juicy tidbits sprinkled through out them, and not all the time traveling events will be wrapped up in one sitting. The books are connected, one of my favorite things about a good series. Cassie still has the vampire senates, Black and Silver circles, Faye, and so many other factions to deal with. Can't wait to have my head go topsy turvy with the next installment! Sexual Content: An almost rape scene that is pretty chilling, sex, and sexual humor.

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