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  1. Traceability for Computationally-Intensive Metrology: Publications
  2. Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems
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  4. A4A6 -- Algorithms for Approximation VI

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Traceability for Computationally-Intensive Metrology: Publications

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  • Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems.

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Approximation Algorithms for Complex Systems

Chui, L. Schumaker, and J. Stockler eds , Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville , Levesley, I. Anderson, and J. Mason eds.

Approximation Schemes for Optimization

Floater, and A. Iske, Adaptive thinning for bivariate scattered data, J. Carnicer, M. Floater, and J. Pena, The distance of a curve to its control polygon, Rev. Serie A.

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    • Multilevel scattered data approximation by adaptive domain decomposition.
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    A4A6 -- Algorithms for Approximation VI

    Design 12 , Conference proceedings. Papers Table of contents 30 papers About About these proceedings Table of contents Search within book. Front Matter Pages Ranking as Function Approximation. Pages Christina Orphanidou, Irene M. Moroz, Stephen J. Jane L. Terry, Andrew Crampton, Chris J. Algorithms for Structured Gauss-Markov Regression. Daniel Busby, Chris L.

    Farmer, Armin Iske. Integral Interpolation. Approximation with Asymptotic Polynomials. Philip Cooper, Alistair B.